Tales from the Crawlspace

I found this electrical panel in the crawlspace of a four-unit building in Oakland. No other electrical panels are present inside; this is the only electrical distribution panel for the building.

The main service on the other side of this panel is a 60-amp 120/240 volt cartridge fuse panel in poor condition. The knob-and-tube wiring was also in poor condition and poorly modified. Complete rewiring may be required at  significant expense.


This is what the interior of a professionally installed electrical panel looks like.



Here’s a 1910 electrical service located in a laundry room on the wall opposite the washing machine.  If you zoom in on the photo, the lever switch (knife switch) on the left has two fuses.  If you were to touch the fuse holders or the wires above, it would be the same as touching the wires on the power pole at the street.  Band news bears and we need a new service outside, in a hurry.