What to Expect

Our home inspections usually take between 3 and 4 hours. If the home is larger or if we anticipate more time will be needed, we will let you know during scheduling. You should try to attend the entire inspection but if you can’t, it is important that you arrive in time for the summary. This will allow us time to show you any areas of concern.

Comfortable clothing that might get dirty is appropriate attire for the inspection. You are welcome to accompany us as we perform the inspection and we are happy to point out concerns or areas of interest along the way. However, this is not critical because we will summarize the key findings at the end of the inspection. If you are willing and able, we encourage you to join us for the crawlspace portion of the inspection (if a crawlspace is present). We will provide coveralls and a flashlight for your use.

We will ask you to help us by looking in cabinets, opening doors and windows, running water and most importantly, looking for signs of water leaks (walls and ceilings). We will do the same, but more eyes on the home helps.

Your Real Estate agent probably has this covered this already, but for the inspection to be adequate, the following should be addressed:

  • power, gas and water needs to be on
  • access to any fuse or circuit breaker panel that may be concealed in a closet- remove clothing or storage as needed
  • access to any crawlspace or attic access opening inside a closet- remove clothing or storage as needed
  • all locks should be removed from exterior electrical panels, gates and crawlspace access openings
  • please alert us to any pet concerns so we can be sure to keep doors closed or take other steps as needed
  • Make sure normally functioning gas appliances, like water heaters and floor furnaces, have lit pilot lights

Please address these items or let us know before the inspection so we can plan accordingly.

Our standard inspection agreement will be emailed to you in advance of the inspection. We need to have the signed inspection agreement returned before the report will be issued.  A copy of the agreement is available here.

The fee for the inspection is due at completion of the onsite portion of the inspection (the day of the inspection) and a personal check is preferred. The report will be delivered via e-mail approximately two business days after the inspection. Some reports are more complicated (multi-unit, large properties, multiple upgrades or renovations) and may require three business days to complete.