Residential Home Inspection Rates

Home Inspection rates are based on the square footage of the home. Basic detached garages are included with single family homes. Additional fees apply for non-listed square footage and in-law units. Rates below are effective 11/2016

Under 1500 sq.ft. $675.00
1501-2000 sq.ft. $700.00
2001-2250 sq.ft. $725.00
2251-2500 sq.ft. $750.00
2501- 2750 sq.ft. $775.00
2751-3000 sq.ft. $800.00
3001-3250 sq.ft. $825.00
3251-3500 sq.ft. $875.00
3501-3750 sq.ft. $900.00
3751-4000 sq.ft. $925.00
4001-4500 sq.ft. $975.00
4501-5000 sq.ft. $1025.00
5001-5500 sq.ft. $1100.00
5501-6000 sq.ft. $1175.00

We have served several clients with properties in excess of 10,000 ft.².  Larger properties may have  secondary or accessory buildings  and may need more than one day to complete. Please call us for a specific quote. We can coordinate other inspections, and provide document review of reports you may already have.

Condominium Inspection Rates

Condominium inspections are limited to the interior portions of the home. We may include some comments about the common areas or the exterior, but the HOA should be consulted and a recent reserve study reviewed prior to purchase.

$375.00 to $475.00 (typically)
Duplex Inspection Rates

We include detached structures such as garages, but there may be other factors that take extra time. Condo conversions typically take extra time. Please feel free to call us for a specific quote.

$775.00 to $875.00 (typically)

Four and Six Unit Apartment Buildings

Our inspection of four and six unit “box type” apartment buildings under one roof includes common areas, laundry facilities, carports and detached garages if present.

$950.00 to $1,350 (typically)

Apartment Complex Inspection Rates

We are happy to provide inspection services for larger apartment buildings, but it’s important that we discuss what you need in the report beforehand. You might need cost estimates, which we are happy to provide, but it does take additional time to prepare.

Please call for a quote.

Commercial Inspection Rates

Commercial rates are often similar to our residential rates and you can use those as a rough guideline.  However, we need to talk to you about your commercial property inspection needs before we can provide a specific quote.