Drain, waste and Vent Piping

The drain, waste and vent system is referred to by plumbers as “DWV” and this is the system that conveys waste and gray water to the municipal sewer system (or septic system if applicable). If you’ve ever had to clear a clog, then you’re dealing with the drain, waste and vent system. All plumbing fixtures (toilets, sinks, showers etc.) should have U-shaped piping called “traps” which hold a small amount of water at all times to prevent sewer gases from entering the home. Toilets have traps integrated into the toilet itself. Plumbing vents equalize the air pressure on either side of the “trap” to prevent water from siphoning out of it. Contemporary DWV systems are designed to minimize clogging and to protect the “trap” from siphoning. Older systems may function normally, but they may not meet contemporary standards and they have a greater likelihood of clogs or leaks. The need for miscellaneous repairs in older DWV systems is common.