Client Testimonials

Several reviews of our work are available on Yelp and Redfin with a few of them here.

Fryer Consulting

Full Disclosure: John is my brother.

Having said that, he supervised the construction of the home I live in and has been an invaluable asset over the years in both preventing and diagnosing problems. When a crack appears, he is the first person I go to to find out if it is a problem I need to worry about. I’m not alone in this, either. He did an inspection for a couple a few years back. They bought the home, but when it came time to remodel, brought John in to inspect each phase of the construction. They did this because they trusted his opinion, as I do. And that is because, not only does John have years of experience in construction, particularly green building, he also has years of experience as a home inspector. He knows what to look for. He’s seen countless failed jobs. He knows what doesn’t fail, what will stand up. And, he’s a great brother, too.

Matt Fryer

My wife and I purchased a 1950s era house from a trust, and they didn’t know a lot of details about the house. John’s inspection was incredibly helpful and extremely thorough.

He let me go along with him on the entire inspection (including the roof, attic, and crawlspace). If you have the time to do this, I highly recommend it. We came away with a full list of the house’s flaws, as well as the things we could do to maintain it in the future. As first time homebuyers, we really appreciated this.

John is very friendly and easy to work with. He showed up on time and got the final report to us earlier than expected. His report included tips for saving energy and being green. We can’t recommend him highly enough; the next time we need a home inspected, we won’t hesitate to use John again.

Ross H.

Purchasing real property is always a big decision. It is particularly challenging for someone like me who has no experience in the construction trades, so I must trust experts for advice. John Fryer is the kind of expert one can trust to be objective, thorough and knowledgeable.

Recently, I had been searching for an investment, and found a classic small apartment building close to home. When I made an offer on the property, it looked solid, the tenants seemed happy, and the realtor described it as ‘turn-key’. Had John not inspected this property I would have been completely caught off-guard by the expenditures needed to make this property safe and liveable.

Luckily, I was able to gain a more realistic view of a property after Fryer Consulting inspected the building. I spent an entire day – from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.- alongside John Fryer as he methodically analyzed all of the building’s systems: plumbing, roofing, heating, electrical, drainage, toxin abatement, and so forth. John payed close attention to fire and seismic safety and gave a complete picture of what would be needed in terms in the future for upkeep and improvement of the property. Using his background as an electrician, John was particularly helpful in describing at length improvements needed to upgrade a century-old electrical system.

I found John delightful to chat with. He made the day fun and informative, and his great communication skills extended to his written report. Because of my time-crunch, he worked very hard and delivered the report little ahead of schedule, but he did not sacrifice quality: John’s report was clear, detailed, informative and accessible to the layman. He even included photographic illustrations to support his findings. John welcomed my follow-up questions by telephone, and was genuinely eager to help. I expect that John’s assessment will serve as a guide to the building for years to come.

In the East Bay, where the buildings are primarily of an older vintage, John Fryer is a great resource for determining what is necessary to preserve, improve and maintain a classic wood frame structure.

Freyer Consulting’s fee is average (not too low, nor too high) yet he delivered a far more extensive report than I expected. It was worth every penny, and more. I would endorse his work wholeheartedly.